Thanks to the expertise of our technical staff and our partnership with equipment manufacturers, TEB Engineering is capable of offering, selling, installing, and servicing the complete lighting system for airport runways (constant current regulators, control systems, runway lighting, lighting fixtures, etc.).

Remote control and monitoring system

It enables control and monitoring of constant current regulators for lighting systems, obstacle lighting, surface lighting, wind direction indicator lighting, beacon lights, backup power sources, monitoring of simple energy systems, etc.

Constant current regulator

It is designed to power series current circuits at airports and heliports. Current regulation is based on phase control of thyristors connected in the primary winding of a transformer. The output current circuit is galvanically isolated using an air-cooled transformer.

The regulator is controlled by a multiprocessor system, providing complete control, measurement, and stabilization of the output current based on the selected intensity level.

The current in the output loop is continuously measured, and independent circuits analyze any fault conditions (deviation between set and actual current, overcurrent conditions, overvoltage, etc.).

All important operating information is displayed on the control panel’s display.

The regulator can be equipped with a remote control and monitoring module, allowing for monitoring of all operating conditions. It can also have modules for monitoring insulation resistance levels and monitoring the number of burned-out bulbs.

All components and connectors are accessible from the front.

Electronic modules are easily replaceable.